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The research and project institute "Gradoagroecoprom"

Invites to activity of experts with higher education - lawyers, philologists, historians, archivists, psychologists, sociologists, artists, biologists, technologists, , agriculturists, selectors, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, programmers, network managers, economists, engineers - builders, engineers - artificers, engineers of an automobile industry, engineers on plumbing and sanitary, engineers - electricians, engineers of electronics and instrument making, engineers easy and a food-processing industry, engineers on heating, ventilation and , radio engineers, architects, designers, technologists, designers, engineers on master plans, experts on safety, experts on staff.

Activity is executed in the distributed control network the Internet that allows experts from any region of Russia, countries of Near and far Foreign countries to work in institute remotely.

Admission conditions, makings up and educations:
1. Fillup of the questionnaire.
2. Fulfilment of test tasks (up to three).
3. Interview. The form of interview - in an electronic kind, telephone conversation, personal meeting.
4. A spelling of the job application.
5. Fulfilment of trial service tasks (up to three attempts).
6. Education.
7. Signing the agreement for conservation commercial and the official secret.
8. Signing the employment contract.

The resumes and questionnaires we ask to direct on e-mail:


302001, Russian Federation, Orel, board service 73
Tel. (4862) 45-17-21, (4862) 45-19-48, (4862) 74-71-10
Fax (4862) 45-17-21, (4862) 45-19-48
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