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The research and project institute "Gradoagroecoprom"
is the dealer of the big lines of domestic and foreign sires of a various stem of production. All production is certificated and has the sanction of Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation to their application.

We provide a complete set of various inhabited, administrative, agricultural and industrial objects with devices, the equipment and materials at the price of manufacturing plants.

If you will not find anything, that is necessary for you, call or send the electronic report in our address and we shall help you.

Our main aspects at work with clients:

  • An individual approach to each client
  • A combination of the price and quality
  • Always available and to order any equipment

Inquiries about availability and the prices, applications for delivery strike root in any form convenient for you - to the phone, the fax, e-mail.

We offer you the following kinds of production:

1. Analyzers of a liquid of gas;
2. A pressure relay and a pressure difference;
3. Means of automation for graincleaning mechanic;
4. Warning devices and the relay of a level of liquid mediums;
5. Interlocking systems of pump units;
6. The relay, gauges and temperature converters;
7. A means antifailure protections and signallings of production processes;
8. Air conditioners of various destination, ventilation equipment and special pieces;
9. Meters and temperature regulators;
10. Thermal converters;
11. Control units of refrigerators;
12. Counters, time clocks, flow meters;
13. Devices for steering of pompes, warning devices of a level;
14. Devices managers for boiler rooms and systems of a heat supply;
15. Devices for complex multiple-loop systems;
16. Operative, specifying and auxiliary devices;
17. Initial devices and converters;
18. Pipes, nipples and special pieces from a unplasticized polyvinylchloride for systems economic - household the sanitary piping of buildings, internal drains and the intraroom sanitary piping;
19. Pipes pressure-tight and joint members from a unplasticized polyvinylchloride for the pipe lines transporting water, including for economic drinking water supply, and also other fluid and gaseous sudstances;
20. Pipes smooth from a unplasticized polyvinylchloride for protection of wirings against mechanical damages at the open and latent layer pad;
21. Pipes pressure-tight from polyethylene for the pipe lines transporting water, including economic - drinking water supply, both other fluid and gaseous sudstances, to which polyethylene chemically racks;
22. Pipes from polyethylene for the gas-pipes transporting combustible gases, used in the capacity of raw material and fuel for industrial and household utilization;
23. Items from plastic;
24. Container from plastic;
25. Safety fences and bridge designs, building metalworks, lighting supports, lamp poles, power transmission line supports, supports of overhead contact systems of railways, frames and trailers, pipes, reservoirs, a fabricated metal products;
26. Furniture from plastic for summer cafes and restaurants, factories on a flood of carbonated water and beer, systems of a fast feed, trade bases and hothouse economies, summer residents and many other;
27. Pumping equipment for various branches of an economy;
28. Devices of registration, measurement and the keeping of expenditure records and volume of hot and cold water, and also other liquids, gas, electrical and a thermal energy for inhabited and office buildings;
29. Devices of automatic control of processes of burning fallow and hot-water boilers small and an average power, with one and two torches heating capacity from 0,45 up to 1 Vt;
30. Devices of the supervisory control and regulation of production processes;
31. Low-voltage, high-voltage and elevator the equipment;
32. Mobile and stationary optical issuing spectrometers for the fast and exact analysis chemical structure of metals and alloys.


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